From Pat Mesiti’s Pillars of Wealth

Pat Mesiti:

We are changed by:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Desperation

Areas to be improve/increase:

  1. Dream
  2. Money
  3. Relationships

This is the time we kicked start our dreams.

Principle to achieve our dreams – If our mind can see a destination, our heart can design a map.

We will flourish in the environment of encouragement.

Your relationships will affect your prosperity.

Dreams are the first casualty of human being.

The function of money is to give life and to get life.

You should buy things you can’t afford not to have.

Money can magnify your life but lack of money can shrink your life.

Money gives you options.

Money is a tool and has a characteristics and the characteristics is yours.

Coach will give you wisdom without the wait.

Your mistake is an event.

A mentor is a trusted person who will not justify your failure but explain why things go wrong.

Preparation time is not time wasted but it reveals the shortest way from your position to your dreams. It also increases your self-confidence.

Everything is simple if we know how.

Brett McFall:

If you do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.

The more you give, the more you get.

Start to give away your expertise.

If you don’t know how, you need to learn.

Passion doesn’t necessary have to be about the products.

Justin Beeton:

What is important in our life is not the knowledge that we have but the knowledge that we have applied.

Everyone has their moments of up and down but those who are successful learned from their mistake to achieve a better result.

Warren Buffet rules of investing:

  1. Never lose money
  2. Never forget rule no. 1

Kerwin Rae:

An action is your intention taking place.

A fundamental key to success is your self-story telling around wealth and success.

The greater your awareness, the more you will find opportunity to increase your wealth.

Self-sabotage is the primal function to keep us alive.

If you are negative regarding someone else’s success, you will not attract success to you. We need to reprogram it.

Fake it until you make it.

The most wealthiest people in the world is business-owner.

Business is a team sports. We need to know someone who knows what we don’t know.

Learn to take small steps towards your dream.

Christopher Emmanuel
Christopher Emmanuel

Borned in Jakarta, Indonesia, 16 April 1976. Married with Rossa Veronica and blessed with Reignhart Emmanuel and Charyshart Emmanuel. Currently living in Sydney, Australia. Love to teach and motivate others about the Law of Faith.

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