Here I learn about my stress level. Meeting with difficult people and then still have to connect with more people not to mention to cover people in my team… on top of my work… Resulting lack of sleep, etc… I am glad that my life is His grace… so I ask my Pastor to pray for me and cover me… because I just want to humble myself and obey to what He is asking me to do.

Problems are things we can do something about; we can solve problems. Facts are things we can do nothing about; therefore we do well not to worry about them. We apply energy only to those things we can change. We can feel peace and act with poise, because we no longer beat our heads against an unbreakable wall.

Psalm 23 reminds us of what God alone can control and what we can control. It distinguishes between problems and facts. It defines God as…

our possession (v. 1)
our provision (v. 1)
our peace (v. 2)
our pardon (v. 3)
our partner (v. 4)
our preparation (v. 5)
our praise (v. 5)
our paradise (v. 6)

Christopher Emmanuel
Christopher Emmanuel

Borned in Jakarta, Indonesia, 16 April 1976. Married with Rossa Veronica and blessed with Reignhart Emmanuel and Charyshart Emmanuel. Currently living in Sydney, Australia. Love to teach and motivate others about the Law of Faith.