Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs

Apologies for missing in action for quite sometime. No excuses just me being not consistent.

This weekend I’ve managed to finally get myself learning again and going to a 2 days seminar  called Kingdom Business Summit 2016 by Business Greenhouse, who is lead by my friend, one and only Wez Hone.

The seminar is all about equipping Christian’s Entrepreneurs with practical lessons. With strong Christian background, I found Wez method of “preaching” is very subtle yet strong in his message for creating intimacy with Jesus.

I’m all for Jesus and really believe that we as Christians have been very passive and reactive to the situation of our nation’s economy. This is the same message that Wez is delivering as well. We need to stand up. We need to show the world that we are the solutions to the world’s problems.

The problem with churches nowadays, they don’t acknowledge that entrepreneurs are the core pillars that will make the church prospers. Most churches don’t have program to equip Christian’s entrepreneurs to go out in the real world.

Many find solutions and answers outside the church while Jesus have always been the answer for us.

Here are the excerpts of what I learned these past 2 days from Wez without filtering anything. Hope you’re blessed.

Wez Hone – Kingdom Business Summit 2016


Session 1

Man who chases 2 rabbits, catches none.

When is enough is enough? For me:

God… I’m enough with 10% of the whole business you’re entrusting me, the rest is Yours, with a minimum $100 millions of $1 billion net worth.

3 things 1st session:

1. We, entrepreneurs, are strategics thinker for the Kingdom

2. Start small to change culture in my church

3. We need to do something to change the current situation


Session 2

We’re on social media because we want to generate sales.

The trend now with social media is engagement.

Good content 1-3 times a day.

Two ways to promote/advertise:

1. On page

2. Off page

Two ways to create the post:

1. Ad manager

2. Power editor


1. Start small for testing;

2. Do A/B testing;

3. Monitor and measure;

4. Tweak;

5. Repeat 1-4 a few times until you get the best results;

6. Put major doolah to start major campaign.

You can import contact list to Facebook and match them and put them in as audiences list and then you can pull lookalike audiences.

3 topics:

1. Cashflow management;

2. Cloud technologies;

3. Monitoring and measuring

3 pictures:

1. Bills piling up;

2. Tech in the clouds;

3. People frustrated about numbers

3 videos:

1. 10%^4 rule;

2. Cloud tools crucial for your business;

3. What to monitor and measure

3 things learn:

1. Lookalike research

2. Off page marketing

3. Steps for start marketing campaign


Session 3

Depth not Width

What if adding to your list was building your relationship with your current list.

You need to start engaging with your list.

Don’t chase width at the expense of the depth.

Native’ is the new black… We need to talk differently on every social media platform.

Aha: Outsource to someone to do it…

Facebook will not promote YouTube now as they want to own their own ecosystem.

Facebook just launched FB live.

We need to take spiritual warfare seriously. We need to take dominion of the spiritual warfare.


Christian entrepreneurs spiritual warfare traps/potholes:

1. Busyness of life leads to limited intimacy with God. Draw closer to God;

2. Busyness of life leads to limited intimacy with your spouse;

3. The Potiphar’s principle;

4. Material wealth becomes bigger than your Godly assignments;

5. Develop bragging rights;

6. Don’t attend church – Losing your spiritual covering. Bible example: Ex 17:12;

7. Have the “know it all” attitude and becoming not teachable; and

8. Provide for my kids but not invest in my kids. Kids spell love by TIME.


We need to respect and appreciate church and family, and God will bless our business.


3 things:

1. Respect and appreciate the two institutions God has put in our lives (family and church);

2. Spiritual coverings. Ask your pastor to pray for you;

3. Spend time with my family. My family’s word of love is TIME.


Session 4

Business planning

What is the big picture God has planted in your heart about your business?

For God, work is worship. So by working the right way, we’re worshipping God the right way.

We need to hold tightly our end game, our blueprint, but to hold loosely our mid term goals on how to achieve it, while holding tightly for your very short term goals.


A task will take as long you give it…


Always do 90 days (12 weeks) action plan.

We need to be intentional in doing our business rather than reactional.

Then do monthly plan for a maximum 4 projects.

Then do daily plan:

1. Must do and prioritise; and

2. Could do (only after finishing must do)


Ideas are rubbish. Ideas executed is those that matter and important.


Better for us to do less ideas execution rather than having so many ideas not finished executed.

Stuffs partly started:

1. Write my book;

2. Doing my seminar;

3. Create a mastermind group.

4. Start online business

5. Start coaching business


One of life’s major keys…

Discretionary Effort”

Discretionary effort is the attitude to do the extra of what is required.


I’m going to be intimate with God. God is the CEO of my business.


5 things we did average:

1. Review my staff work;

2. Training my staff s;

3. Build relationship with my staffs;

4. Spend quality time with my son;

5. Spend quality time with my wife.

5 things I did above and beyond:

1. Personalized service for clients;

2. Close relationship with clients and friends;

3. Loyalty to my friends;

4. Willingness to share knowledge and experience;


1. No of leads over a month

2. Marketing budget

3. Conversion rate

4. Average $ spent

5. Gross profit margin

6. Net Profit after tax margin

7. Sick days

8. Average debtor days


3 things:

1. Not mentioning your faith is not a shameful thing;

2. Discretionary effort;

3. Distraction projects



Session 5

Economy cycle:

Summer -> Autumn -> Winter -> Spring

Summer is where the money is made

Autumn is where money is spent

Winter is where we need to be lean

Spring is where we need to be strategizing

What are you doing in autumn to be more strategics? Maybe buy your strategic competitors?

Everytime we are not buying customers we’re holding our business up.


Be an intentional influencer.


What’s your story that you’re telling your market?

Start pushing content… Important: It’s important to create a good quality audio.

Way to push contents:

1. Snapchat

2. Periscope

3. YouTube

4. Google+

5. Facebook

6. Podcast

7. Instagram

You don’t need expensive equipment.


3 things:

1. Start pushing contents – build relationship with those who follow you;

2. Focus on buying customers;

3. Know your acquisition cost;

4. Be intentional influencers


Session 6

Google AdWords is the most sexy way to drive traffic’s to your website/offers.

SEO is now a mammoth task to do, expensive and usually takes long time.

Better to test the market with Google AdWords with more money for 2 weeks.

Remember: One keyword, one campaign.

The problem with many keywords will be harder to know which keywords that are working.

We want to always start small and then monitor and measure.

H: Is Your Business In Dry Situation?

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Session 7

Leadership by Mark Bilton

It’s an active partnership with God with the business that He has entrusted with us.

Eph 6:9 -The is no favoritism with God.

Heb 2:2 – Writing vision of the business is a collaborative efforts.


Do God’s way and it will be God’s result we’ll experience.

1. Active partnership with God;

2. No favoritism;

3. Full on with God to experience His result;

4. We are only the steward of the business that He has entrusted.


1. What is your guarantees?

2. What is your risk reversal?


Session 8

Time to write a letter – This will be send later in the future.

The end game is to change the culture of this world with the Kingdom’s culture.

Success breeds success.

Kind regards

Accounting Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author, Speaker, Husband, and Father

Christopher Emmanuel
Christopher Emmanuel

Borned in Jakarta, Indonesia, 16 April 1976. Married with Rossa Veronica and blessed with Reignhart Emmanuel and Charyshart Emmanuel. Currently living in Sydney, Australia. Love to teach and motivate others about the Law of Faith.