Better Health

What does healthy mean?
Healthy is a lifestyle.

3 John 2 & Psalms 139:13-17

Food and love (excerpt from Gary Smalley)

Food influence emotional healthy -> emotional health influences social life -> social life influences physical health -> physical/emotional health influences choice of food -> back to the first

When people feel empty the no.1 thing they will try to feel those emptiness with food.

Food influences our feelings.

Try these test, consider yourself 1 to 5 being 1 – never and 5 – always:

Food test
1. I avoid eating frozen foods, processed meat, hot dog, canned foods, not well cooked meat.

2. I eat smoked fish, no fat chicken, no fat red meat free from additive.

3. I avoid eating fast food.

4. I eat various fresh fruits.

5. I avoid white bread, cookies, cakes, hamburgers, processed meat, or sandwich.

6. I east wholemeal cereal and bread.

7. I avoid deep fried food.

8. I eat fresh veggies and fresh juices.

9. I avoid dairy products such as yoghurt with additives, full cream sour cream, ice cream, full cream cheese.

10. I eat sugar free food, chemical free food and low fat food.

11. I avoid sugar and sweet products.

12. I eat various raw and unprocessed nuts.

Love test:
1. I express my love physically to my partner.

2. I express my live physically to those whom I loved.

3. I am able to express patient to those around me.

4. I am able to express my feelings to my partner/best friend.

5. I am involved in a relationship that is social focus.

6. I strengthen my ability to love with pray & read the bible.

7. I usually optimistic.

8. I am able to let my partner/closest people of my deepest needs.

Food & love test
1. After busy life, I enjoy snack made of sugars, chocolates, or fatty food.

2. When I feel uneasy, I tend to eat unhealthy foods.

3. I try to lose weight but failed.

4. Usually feel guilty of my eating style.

5. I eat

Healthy eating:
1. Principle eating for 3: for me, for the people I love, for God

2. Have a self control – don't let anything control your life.

3. Simple steps to healthy eating:
a. Add healthy food
b. Lessen unhealthy food
c. Continue until it becomes a lifestyle

4. Exercise

1 Cor 10:23
1 Cor 6:12-13


Christopher Emmanuel
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