There are 3 areas:
1. Spiritual battleship
2. Relationship battleship
3. Financial battleship

This week, Ps Yosafat Prawiro discuss the next self warfare, relationship battleship.


The teaching was taken from Philippians 2 : 2-11.

There are 4 principles of creating harmonious relationship:
1. Avoid competition :: Philippians 2 : 3, James 4 : 1-2
When we compete with each others then we will not get ahead in our life.

2. Avoid negative critiques :: Philippians 2 : 3c, James 4 : 11-12
When we judged someone negatively, we’re not helping them. We’re putting them down. We’re attacking their ego and it will not resulted in the way that we wanted.

3. Focus and care about others :: Philippians 2 : 4, 1 James 3 : 7
When we focus on others, we’re working as a team towards our common goals.

4. Growing to the likeness of Christ’ characters :: Philippians 2 : 5, Ephesian 4 : 3
We need to grow to the likeness of Christ. Always remember What would Jesus do?

Hope you like the message today and I hope that your life is encouraged and blessed.

Kind regards
Christopher Emmanuel
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Christopher Emmanuel
Christopher Emmanuel

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