Jonathan Leo Immanuel
The Year of a Better Life
Jos 1:1-9

Year 2010 is:
– a year where God will fulfil all His promises;
– a year where God will restore what was lost in the previous years;
– a year of victory;
– a year where we have to fight and be victorious.

Jos 1:1-5
Two things that we have to be to make 2010 a better year:
1. Live a promises driven life
Jer 29:11
There are lots of people who lives in the past where they are limited in the present because of that.
2. Be a diligent person not lazy – Pro 6:6, 10:4, 13:4

Yos 1:6-9
Two things that we have to do to make 2010 a better year:
1. Strengthen and firming our heart;
2. Always pronounce the Word of God.

Ams 4:23-27
Three things we have to keep guarding to make 2010 a better year:
1. Hearts
– Our thought and imaginations are the only limits for our possibilities
– The story of a widow and the oil. 2 Kings 4:1-7
– The story of Peter walking on the water. Mat 4:22-23

It is not God who limit the miracles in our lives but it is our hearts that limit what God can do in our lives.

2. Mouth
Mat 12:34
Rom 10:10
Pro 18:21 – Our belief is proclaimed by our words
Mat 6:10 – We have to always proclaimed God’s will in our lives.

3. Eyes
Pro 7:2
Mat 6:22

Believe with all your heart and proclaim with your mouth will result a strong and firm vision of your future.

Faith, hope and love will determine our heart and future.


Christopher Emmanuel
“Live life to the fullest and expect success and God’s favor all the time”
Law of Faith – Hebrew 11:1,3
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Christopher Emmanuel
Christopher Emmanuel

Borned in Jakarta, Indonesia, 16 April 1976. Married with Rossa Veronica and blessed with Reignhart Emmanuel and Charyshart Emmanuel. Currently living in Sydney, Australia. Love to teach and motivate others about the Law of Faith.

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